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Inflatable Airblown Manufacturers Talk About The Printing Of Packaging Film

Jan 01,1970 / / Author: ShengKui

  In the printing and production of packaging film, inflatable airblown manufacturers should pay attention to the following items: Do a good job of quality inspection of raw and auxiliary materials (film, ink, solvent, etc.). To ensure that only the raw and auxiliary materials that have passed the test and inspection can enter the production process, and the unqualified raw and auxiliary materials are controlled out of the production process, which is the prerequisite for ensuring the quality of milk packaging film printing.

  Customer satisfaction is the supreme criterion and ultimate desire of every inflatable airblown manufacturer, so it is necessary to do a good job in finished product inspection. Satisfying customers and maintain the image and credibility of inflatable airblown manufacturers is also the basis for maintaining and developing good customer relationships.

  The plastic film after corona should be used as soon as possible. After being stored for some time, the corona treatment effect of the film will deteriorate, and the surface tension value of the plastic film will attenuate with the extension of the storage time, and it may not meet the requirements when printing on the machine. Therefore, the surface tension of the plastic film stored for some time must be carefully checked before use. If the surface tension does not meet the requirements, it must be corona-treated again.

  In actual production, choose the appropriate film and ink according to the filling speed of the automatic filling machine, the sterilization conditions, and the length of the product's shelf life. Adjust and control the printing process parameters according to the actual situation, standardize the process flow, and ensure the printing quality of the milk film.

  When distributing ink, adjust it as you use it, observe the printing effect at any time, pay attention to maintaining the consistency of the ink hue, and control the color difference of printing. In the long-run printing or printing of large quantities of articles, try to use the same batch of films and inks produced by the same manufacturer.

  Changes in temperature and humidity in the printing workshop have a certain impact on substrate materials and ink performance. An environment that is too dry will cause static electricity on the film and cause printing difficulties; if an environment is too humid, the ink will not dry sufficiently and affect the firmness of the ink layer. Therefore, inflatable airblown manufacturers must control the ambient temperature and humidity in the printing workshop to keep them relatively constant and ensure good ventilation. Generally speaking, it is advisable to control the workshop temperature between 18℃-25℃ and keep the relative humidity between 60% and 70%.