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7 Clever Ways To Store Your Holiday Inflatable Decorations

Jan 01,1970 / / Author: ShengKui

  As a homeowner, you love decorating your house for the holidays, but like everyone else, you hate putting it all away. Whether it's a decorated tree or a decorated yard, we've got seven smart ways to make storing holiday inflatable decorations easier.

  1 . Plastic boxes are the better way

  Plastic Bins Plastic bins are best for protecting your items when you need to store holiday inflatable decorations. Unlike cardboard boxes, they are strong, crush-resistant, and easy to stack.

  Plastic bins with tight-fitting lids protect holiday items from dust, dirt, and pests. Color combinations, like red and green for Christmas or blue and silver for Hanukkah, will find the bin faster next year.

  2. Get your tree assembled

  It's a pain to bring your tree down every year. It can also damage your tree by bending or breaking branches. To keep your tree looking new for years to come, keep it fully assembled.

  Protect the tree by covering it with a large plastic bag (you can find tree bags online). Then, use a zipper on the bottom of the tree to seal the bag. The manager of the Desert Storage store also recommends putting some pine-scented freshener in the bag to make it feel festive next season.

  3. Wrap lights to avoid tangles

  There's nothing more frustrating than unraveling a string of Christmas lights. Prevent it by properly storing them at the end of the season. You can wrap the lights around items you find in your homes, such as cardboard or coat hangers, to keep the lines from tangling.

  To use cardboard, cut out a rectangular block that slides vertically into the plastic box. Keeping it in the rectangle position, cut one-inch slices in the upper left and lower right corners. Slide one end of the light into the upper left slit, wrap the string around the cardboard and slide the other end into the lower right slit to secure. You can store it as is or put it in a plastic bag to keep it from getting tangled with other lights.

  4. Save household items to store decorations

  Store Ornaments If you don't have original ornament boxes or cardboard inserts to separate and protect fragile bulbs, you can reuse items in your home. Save your plastic cups from parties or keep your egg carton to create decoration storage.

  To use the plastic cups, you'll also need a sheet of cardboard and superglue that fits the bottom of the plastic box. Line up your cups and glue the cups to the cardboard. Then, store each ornament in a separate cup to prevent it from cracking and breaking. Make as many of these organizers as you want and stack them together.

  5. Wrap decorations in soft material

  In addition to storing the bulbs individually, it's also wise to wrap them in a soft material to further protect them from damage. We recommend using old sheets or towels and tearing them into small squares. Or you can use some coffee filters to buffer each decoration in storage.

  6. Deflate and fold inflatable trim

  Blow-up decorations Inflatable garden decorations are a joy to celebrate the holidays. The challenge is that, due to their fragile nature, they are more prone to tears and leaks. You can avoid this damage by carefully storing them for a rainy day.

  First, make sure to clean each inflator with a damp towel. Then, let the trim fully deflate on its own. Do not force the air out! After deflating, carefully fold the trim so that it fits into the plastic box. Secure its power cord with a zip tie, then gently put it in the bin (heavier parts first) without overcrowding other items.

  7. Use Garment Bag Wrapping Paper

  Wrapping Paper When you don't have a system to store your wrapping rolls, keeping your wrapping rolls organized can be difficult. The easiest way to create space for wrapping paper (and avoid buying overpriced storage boxes or bags) is to put them in a garment bag. Yes, we are talking about clear plastic garment bags for formal clothes or outerwear. They're sized perfectly for tall rolls and can be easily stored in a closet.