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Holiday Inflatable Decorations — Knowledge Of Decorative Balloons

Jan 01,1970 / / Author: ShengKui

  Balloon decoration is one of the commonly used holiday inflatable decorations. As the name suggests, it is made from the traditional toy that people are so familiar with—balloons. Through various color combinations and vivid designs, the balloons are woven into various shapes to enhance the joyful atmosphere. Come to decorate and embellish various festive occasions.

  Regardless of the occasion, the balloon can use its strong affinity, unlimited creative space, attract people's attention, infect people's emotions, and create joy, lively, elegant, peaceful, solemn, solemn, festive, and warmth for the event. , Romantic, warm, grand, gorgeous, and other moods and atmospheres; refresh the traditional balloon vision in one fell swoop, which is pleasing to the eye, delightful and entertaining; its creative freedom can be determined by the situation; ingenious, flexible and changeable; random setting can be Because of their differences, their artistic themes are diverse, with a wide range of applications and strong practicability.

  Balloon decoration is also called colorful ball decoration because it is cleverly woven into various shapes with colorful balloons. Its bright decorative colors and vivid artistic shapes can give people a huge impact on vision. Power and appeal are used to decorate various occasions to enhance the atmosphere; suitable for various festive or event occasions, bringing extraordinary feelings. Balloon decoration is also a fashionable, creative and unique art. It can use different colors of colored balls according to the different needs of people, and use methods such as weaving, binding, winding, inlay, pasting, and floating to construct different flat and three-dimensional texts and graphics. Such as arches, welcoming posts, ball chains, love, birthday peaches, stars, table flowers, roadside flowers, pendants, cartoon people, giant dragons, heart-to-heart, etc., it can grab people’s attention and create The warm scenes set off a joyous atmosphere, decorate and beautify the environment, and express people's various thoughts, meanings, and emotions.

  The art of colored balls is the abbreviation of the art of colored balls; it is also a form of display and performance art such as colored ball decoration, colored ball modeling, colored ball packaging, colored ball magic, colored ball flowers, colored ball firecrackers, colored ball costumes, colored ball flying, etc. Collectively.

  Its notable features are as follows: 1. The bright decorative colors and vivid artistic modeling can give people's vision a great attraction and appeal, and the association of colors can be created to create joy, liveliness, warmth, Elegance, gorgeous, romantic, peaceful, solemn, solemn, festive, warm and other moods, and atmospheres refreshed the visual image of traditional balloons in one fell swoop, which is pleasing to the eye and delightful. 2. Freedom of creation, free-flowing ideas; clever ideas, changeable changes; random settings, due to differences, combined with the simplicity of professional production techniques and the economy of materials, are far less than other traditional modeling and decorative art forms; There are various themes, a wide range of applications, and many market opportunities. Abundant creative added value, high-tech content, and series scale of balloon products can produce great economic and social benefits. The above-mentioned characteristics determine that the color ball art industry will inevitably achieve successful operation and rapid development in the future.