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Inflatable culture in China

Jan 01,1970 / Company News / Author: ShengKui

Inflatable models, that is, inflatable models, have flowed into us from abroad for only 10 years, but the speed of development is far beyond our imagination. In fact, there are many products in Chinese civilization that are very similar to inflatable models, such as paper made by craftsmen. Quality dragons, phoenixes, Chinese New Year’s lion dances, puppet shows, etc. Inflatable models are an evolution of these civilized products. Gas replaces the original bamboo, steel and other supports, so that everyone’s fantasy appearance can be displayed more vividly. As a result, the development of the inflatable tent industry is expected.

To make everyone’s fantasy into reality, a realistic model must be needed, and this model also needs to use fillers. Paper products such as paper dragons and phoenixes are supported by rigid structures, and the lion dance directly uses the human body. The puppet show uses wood to make the filling. And these civilized commodities have their own shortcomings. The biggest shortcoming is the volume constraint. If they want to make them large, they will face extremely high, almost unaffordable costs. The inflatable arches just dealt with this question and directly filled them with air. Is there anything cheaper than air, more available everywhere, simpler and more simple and free to shape? Using air to support the appearance, let everyone's imagination fly off, nowadays, size is no longer a question, art is not limited to size, all kinds of colors The inflatable model has super expressive power and the ability to set off the atmosphere. Nowadays, inflatable products are showing great success in advertising and wedding industry, and in the near future, inflatable art that fits Chinese civilization will surely be developed!