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Types of inflatable toys

Jan 01,1970 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

1. Large inflatable toys bai: These toys are larger in size and mainly appear in parks or shopping malls, such as: naughty castles, entertainment, inflatable castles, inflatable arches, inflatable advertising models.
2. Cartoon inflatable toys: This kind of inflatable toys have a cartoon image, product appearance, and appearance image. They are very good children's toys and advertising models.
4. Inflatable leisure household products: use high-strength environmentally friendly PVC materials, inflatable mattresses, inflatable sofas, and portable inflatable beds in the field.
5. Inflatable toys. Inflatable toys: this type is mainly suitable for water parks, such as rolling balls, yo-yos, swimming rings, inflatable boats, and is the best inflatable water toy for summer leisure.
6. A small toy has a soft and flexible cute character. The large inflatable toy is safe and non-stimulating, and has a strong interest. Inflatable water toys are very interesting.
It is an inflatable toy with various functions, allowing more people to accept it, without it; in recent years, the development of large outdoor toys has driven a large inflatable toy to a certain extent; the outer membrane technology made of other raw materials makes it spray out The progress of development and the wide application of polyvinyl chloride materials have promoted the development of effective reunion toy industry. In recent years, inflatable toys have maintained a good development speed.