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How Holiday Inflatable Decorations Are Completely Inflatable

Jan 01,1970 / / Author: ShengKui

  In most cases, your blow inflator should be fully inflated. If your blow inflator is having trouble inflating, try the following:

  1. Check to make sure your holiday inflatable decorations' blower motors and fans are running. If the motor/fan unit is not running, check to make sure your electrical connections are secure and no circuit breaker, GFCI ground fault interrupter unit, or fuse (if equipped) has tripped on the line. Repair or reset as needed.

  2. Check your zipper - this is the number one cause of inflation problems. Check that each part of your holiday inflatable decorations may have two or more zippers. Sometimes manufacturers are really good at hiding zippers on air-blown inflatables in the seams. If your blower inflatable has an inflatable globe, check to see if there is a zipper on the globe or even a zipper on the characters inside the globe.

  3. Inspect your holiday inflatable decorations for any torn or torn fabric and repair as needed.

  4. Check that the blower motor and fan on the blower inflator are levels and that there are no obstructions such as fabric or grass at the fan's air intake.

  5. Check to make sure your blower motor is at the correct speed setting (if any).

  6. Check that the air outlet (from the inflatable fan) of your holiday inflatable decorations is not blocked by fabric or any other foreign objects.

  7. Check to make sure the blower motors and fans on your holiday inflatable decorations are plugged directly into an appropriately sized wall outlet and/or you are using an appropriately sized heavy-duty outdoor extension cord. If your inflatable blower motor requires more amperage than your outlet or extension cord can supply, your inflatable inflator will not inflate properly and will not remain properly inflated over time.