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How To Prevent Christmas Inflatable Airblown From Being Blown Away

Jan 01,1970 / / Author: ShengKui

  Christmas inflatable airblown is a great way to create a spectacular appearance outside your home during the holidays. Don't let a few strong winds blow them away. Properly fixing the inflatable decorations can give you peace of mind, because your investment will not be damaged by bad weather. Here are some tips to keep these inflatable toys safe throughout the season.

  Location, location, location

  You might think that the location of the inflatable device does not matter. However, if you want to avoid chasing them on windy days, you may want to consider where to place them. If possible, it is best to put them on flat ground to lay a proper foundation for them. Another consideration to remember is to avoid exposing them. Objects placed next to walls or trees tend to be exposed to fewer wind gusts. When you start to protect them in the other ways described below, it will become easier to do both at the same time.

  Sand and gravel bags

  A simple and simple way to use a bag full of sand or gravel to secure any outdoor inflatable product. It is recommended that you use two or three bags to properly secure your decorations. When filling the bag, make sure not to fill them too full, as they need to fit into the manhole of the inflator. When they are full, tie them tightly to make sure that no sand or gravel is poured out. When placing them in the inflator, be very careful when passing them through the manhole and placing them on the base. To ensure safety, spread the bag evenly.

  Tie them up with string

  Another fairly simple way to secure the inflatable device is to use twine. Simply wrap the twine around an inflatable device of approximately medium height, and then tie the twine to the smooth surface of the post (such as a fence post or railing). If your decoration is not near the fence or front porch, we recommend that you use wooden stakes and place them on both sides of the inflatable toy. You now have the objects needed to tie twine around. When winding the twine on the inflatable device, make sure not to tie it too tightly, otherwise, it may cause damage. When you tie a rope to a pillar or stake, it is important to make at least one complete loop for the safety you want.

  Protect them with a bet

  An effective way to fix these inflatable decorations underground is to use wooden stakes. Most inflatable decorations have a wide base, including holes for wooden stakes. Take some small lawn stakes and smash them to the ground as much as possible. If your inflatable toy does not have an area for you to place these stakes, you can wrap a string around the inflatable toy. To do so, wrap the rope at a medium height and tie it to a stake on the ground. Don't wrap the rope too tightly, and when pulling the rope to the ground, make sure it doesn't stretch your inflator backward.

  Metal chain lock for extra security

  The last way to keep these inflatable devices safe throughout the holiday is to use metal chain locks. Pass the chain lock through the lamp holder opening on the back of the ornament and connect it to the stake on the ground. This will require you to place metal or plastic piles directly behind the blow mold. After connecting the metal chain to the pile, knock it on the ground as much as possible. This combined with the sand or gravel bag inside the ornament provides more anchorage.