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How To Set Up Your Holiday Inflatable Airblown

Jan 01,1970 / / Author: ShengKui

  Follow these simple instructions and your holiday inflatable airblown will start smoothly:

  If your holiday inflatable airblown is brand new, please do not throw away the box or instructions! The original packaging is perfect for storing everything safely in one place, indicating that it is essential for next year.

  Before you begin, please read all instructions carefully. Different inflatable manufacturers have different requirements. The size, shape, and fabric of each decoration need to be considered separately for proper handling.

  Place your decorations in the approximate location you want.

  If your holiday inflatable airblown spends some time during storage, check it for holes, tears, or dirt. The mild soap and water on the rag and a small amount of elbow grease should remove most stains.

  Close all vents and zippers on the holiday inflatable airblown.

  Fix the blower motor carefully to the ground according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  Connect the power cord, plug it into the blower and inflate the decoration. You may need to adjust it slightly to make sure it is where you want it.

  Pull out the tethers until they are taut and secured. Please be sure to test the stability of your holiday inflatable airblown. It should be stable and safe, with just a few gentle pulls.

  Revisit your showcase regularly throughout the holiday. Strong winds can loosen ropes, fall off limbs and lift debris, so you need to make sure everything is still safe and secure.

  Note: Choose prime time to display your decorations. Running the blower motors for more than three hours at a time will quickly burn them out. It is best to deflate your monitor overnight, and you also need to avoid inflating before, during, or after bad weather.