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Introduction To The Preservation Of Holiday Inflatable Airblown

Jan 01,1970 / / Author: ShengKui

  Holiday inflatable airblown is a good way to decorate in the season because they are conspicuous in your yard, but they don’t need much storage space; at the end of the season, you can deflate them and then combine them with the rest of the Halloween decoration The parts are packaged together.

  But before you buy an air pump or add any oversized lawn decorations to your shopping cart, there are a few things you should know. Since inflatable toys can be very expensive, you need to take good care of them so that you can use them year after year. So how should we take care of the lawn holiday inflatable airblown?

  Keep packaging

  When you get a new holiday inflatable airblown, you may want to open the package as soon as possible to decorate your lawn, but it is recommended that you open the holiday inflatable airblown carefully so that you can store it in the original packaging at the end of the season. If you do not have the original packaging, he recommends that you use a storage box with a lid and store it in a cool and dry place during the off-season. If you have operating manuals, instructions, or any additional power cords and parts, you can put them in a gallon-sized zipper bag and store them in the trash can so you can have what you need in case of damage All the decorations for next season.

  Check for damage

  Before inflating the inflator, check for tears, rips, and holes that may prevent the inflator from being inflated. If you do find any problems, be sure to fix or patch them before setting up. You need to discard any products with frayed insulated wires, damaged wires, broken socket shells, loose connections, or exposed copper wires (these products cannot be repaired by themselves). But small tears and tears can be repaired with ordinary needles and thread, or with transparent packaging tape. It is recommended to stick the tape from the inside so that it is not so obvious.

  Check your location

  The most important thing to consider when setting up lawn decorations occurs before any inflation is complete. When you set up your weird scene, be sure to leave enough space between your holiday inflatable airblown so that they don't collide with each other when they shake in the wind. You also need to keep them away from branches or anything else that might catch, hook or tear their fabric shell.

  Watch the weather

  Once your inflator is in place, be sure to watch the weather. We recommend inflating your decorations only on dry days, so when rain or snow is forecast, you should unplug the inflator and bring them in to keep them dry.

  You should also pay attention to the inflatable electronic components; you need to keep the electric fan and power cord away from direct water contact, so try not to place them in the lower part of the yard (puddles may form), and keep them away on wet days. All electronic components are placed inside.

  Store in a clean and dry place

  When you are ready to take off the inflator this season, you need to do a few things first, and then put it away. We recommend wiping the inflatables clean with a damp cloth and then be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions before putting away the decorations to see if you need to close any zippers or vents. Before storing, you also need to let it dry completely.

  Roll, don't fold

  When you are ready to store holiday inflatable airblown, it is recommended to roll them up (rather than fold them). Rolling holiday inflatable airblown tightly will help you expel excess air, so they take up less storage space.