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Placing Holiday Inflatable Decorations Requires Special Attention In Special Weather

Jan 01,1970 / / Author: ShengKui

  Outdoor holiday inflatable decorations have strict requirements on the weather, so what should be paid attention to in special weather?

  Attention should be paid to strong wind warning weather

  Although holiday inflatable decorations have wind-proof ropes and are fixed, they still have to be stopped in windy weather. After all, there have been many accidents of holiday inflatable decorations being blown down in recent years.

  But don’t be too scared, everyone, as holiday inflatable decorations production technology is getting better and better, and the wind resistance level is constantly increasing. All the people who place it just need to take precautions.

  Pay attention to rain and snow

  Autumn strikes, one autumn rain and another cold, and as the weather gets colder, the rain and snow that come with it will continue to appear.

  Therefore, you must watch the weather forecast in advance. Otherwise, if it rains heavily while it is being placed, it is one thing to evacuate customers, and the blower is prone to malfunction.

  Another point is that you must check whether there are children in the castle when you deflate, and make sure that you don’t deflate to cover it afterward.

  Pay attention to hot weather

  Although the high temperature has passed, we still need to remind you that you must find a cool place where there is no direct sunlight in the hot weather.

  After all, holiday inflatable decorations will reduce the service life after sun exposure, and will increase the surface temperature of the castle, which is not good for children to play on.