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The Solution To The Holiday Inflatable Decorations In The Rain

Jan 01,1970 / / Author: ShengKui

  In recent days, the continuous rain and rain have caused some outdoor inflatable mobile parks to fail to operate normally. The pH value of rainwater is acidic. If the inflatable product is not protected carefully, it will easily shorten its service life. Outdoor holiday inflatable decorations are evacuated slowly, what should I do if I get caught in the rain?

  Operators of inflatable amusement equipment operating outdoors must develop the habit of listening to the weather forecast and making preparations for prevention. In the event of thunder, lightning, and heavy rain, the business should be closed in time, and the power supply of the equipment should be turned off to prevent the accumulation of water and electricity from injuring people. In addition to taking precautions against natural disasters in operating amusement equipment, the safety of the equipment itself is also very important. The manufacturer of holiday inflatable decorations said that operators should ensure that the equipment is clean and clean, and check whether the safety devices are effective and that problems must be resolved in time.

  What to do if holiday inflatable decorations accidentally get caught in the rain, the specific solutions are as follows:

  1. Cut off the power, open the fan interface and the exhaust port, the exhaust time is generally 10-25 minutes, and the remaining air must be squeezed. If the equipment gets water due to rain, be sure to drain the water and dry it.

  2. To clean holiday inflatable decorations, you can use washing powder to wipe off the stains and oil stains, then scrub them with water and dry them in the sun.

  3. For holiday inflatable decorations for long-term storage, they should be regularly checked for dampness and should be blown up in a ventilated place and wiped clean.

  4. In case of strong wind (above level 4) rain, snow, fog, hail, and other weather, the equipment is strictly prohibited to be used outdoors in the open to avoid accidents.

  5. To ensure that your device reaches the normal service life, you cannot participate in too many children's play when the holiday inflatable decorations are turned on. Generally, a child of 3 square meters is accommodated on the inflatable product.

  If the rain is too great and the normal operation cannot be performed, the operators need to take safety and waterproof protection measures, such as the castle needs to be covered; the fans and ladders need to be put away in the warehouse. If there is less rain, you can simply fold the holiday inflatable decorations and cover them with a plastic sheet, especially for product accessories such as fans and ladders. So as not to affect the life of the product.